The aim of Outplacement services implemented by Career Associates in collaboration with Optimal, Business Action and Synolic, with specialized Consultants and extensive experience in the field, is the preparation and support to executives/employees who leave a company for a smoother transition in a new workplace (e.g. changing direction)

It is a flexible, personalized solution concerning the evaluation of their potential in the labour market, designing their career plan, support in CV writing, labour market related information, preparation for a job interview and mainly the active job search in their field or even a new form of employment.


Our philosophy is based on the strong belief that every employee should be treated in a distinctive and strictly personal way and that specialization of services depending on his/her personal needs is necessary (individual approach).



  • Need analysis– Identification of priorities and needs of the participant
  • Assessment of personal needs, values and potential of the participant (self-awareness) through specialized psychometric tools
  • Developing realistic objectives for new types of employment and career options
  • Information and access to opportunities in the labour market through an effective professional network
  • Development of self-presentation skills with modern structured tools and job search and networking techniques
  • Emotional/psychological support – Essential tackle of intense feelings of anxiety and frustration probably experienced during this period
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