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In V.G&E.C. - CAREER ASSOCIATES we believe that development and success is a two-way street. For each young person that found his/her own way, for each student that chose his/her career path, for every parent who was supported in his/her demanding role, but also for each cooperation since 1991.

Our philosophy

In CAREER ASSOCIATES we are interested in advancement and progression. Each of our clients’ aim is our goal too. We support a person in planning his/her educational, professional and personal movements. We help people to strategically utilize their potential through expertise services, respecting the individual’s needs and values.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is not simply providing advice and giving answers, but it is a dynamic, collaborative process that gives a client the opportunity to engage actively in the shaping of his/her career and life.


For us, education is much more than just teaching and graduation from the internationally accredited programs, GCDF, MHF, CSP, of which we are exclusive representatives in Greece. For us, education means that professionals, certified by our programs, will share and bestow a common vision.

Parents Corner

Being better parents means having a more material relationship with their children, providing a more effective support, so as to grow self-confident personalities. Being better parents means co-existing in harmony, respecting personal dissimilarities.

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New psychometric tool, "BeMIS", in Greek version by ΝBCC Greece


KATHIMERINI (Greek newspaper) 22.02.2014 “Career Choice: a Gordian knot”


Dr Edna B. Foa, one of the most important personalities in Clinical Psychology, came to Athens for CAREER ASSOCIATES

25 Years celebration of Career Associates!
Creativity is Intelligence having fun!


  • 2024
  • 20 Apr 24


    CAREER ASSOCIATES becomes the National Office for the international institution of NBCC, with the right of exclusive representation in Greece. – GCDF Forum, NBCC Greece is generated for all GCDF Holders internationally.

  • 20 Apr 24

    Master Trainers GCDF

    As Master Trainers of (GCDF) since 2008,(MHF) since December 2013 and of Certified Professional Supervision (CSP) since June 2013, we are in creative and responsible process to sensitize professionals in fields of Psychology, Counseling, Education and Career Counseling to broaden their experience.

  • 20 Apr 24

    Career Associates – V.G.&E.C.

    V.G.&E.C. joins Career Associates by creating a new series of products, services and counseling for children, teenagers, parents and professionals in response to market needs in Greece and monitoring global development abroad.

  • 1991
  • 20 Apr 91


    A fascinating journey begins with the founding of V.G.&E.C.

Career Associates Services

In Career Associates ,apart from the experience of many years and the advantage of the expertise of our services and partners, we are continuously trained in new external programs, so as to be able to follow the modern labour market reality, to recognize the creative zones between what parents expect and what their children dream of, and to utilize effectively people’s potential.


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SOS Book for Parents


The Penguin Careers Guide” (2012)


Why you'll Love Web Counseling?

When technology creates together with science and love for humanity, daily minor miracles can happen. Desire for improvement, realization of a non-functional situation or the need for consulting services that suit any of you -a child or a teenager-, minimize the distance and clients can receive the same care and scientific competence with those who visit us in our Office. Quality of life is not a privilege of a few, but a right of all and for this reason we have created flexible products and services for all.

In the new digital era, the era of smart phones, but not so smart everyday conditions that may hold some people back from realizing their goals, or conditions that can lead to a series of non-functional habits, we believe that we can and must stand close to those (parents, teenagers or children) who need counseling services, guidance, solutions. Each person that addresses to us is treated with professionalism and responsibility either if he/she visits us in our premises or if he/she visits us virtually through on-line communication. Giving all our energy in this initiative, we believe that everyone, not only the residents of Athens, deserves to have the opportunity for a better life. We invest in Career Counselling for young people, children and teenagers who represent the future.
Your desire and confidence in the integrity of our services and the quality of our partners are essential. Send your request, or call us so as to arrange our first online appointment. All you need is internet connection, a skype account and a PC, smart phone or tablet. The sessions are exactly the same, concerning characteristics of quality and time, with the ones that take place in our Office and are treated with the same consistency, flexibility and confidentiality
The first meeting of the counseling process is just the beginning for an experience that significantly changes the lives of both the Counselor and the client, in a way that each humanistic science interacts. Many issues when kept hidden to silence provoke negative emotions. Even for these issues there is a solution. When someone realizes a situation, that he/she either wants to eliminate or improve, the first step is taken. There is progress if the client keeps on this path with the counselor. If these two can work with consistency, professionalism and regard/concern, we can talk about success. This kind of success is not threatened by geographic parameters and boundaries.
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Career Associates Team

Talent wins games but teamwork & intelligence wins championships!

Maria Koutsafti, MSc, GCDF, CSP

Career Consultant Founder & Director “VG&EC - Career Associates” Director “NBCC Greece”

Chougia Angela, MA, GCDF, CSP,

Psychologist and Family Therapist Associate Director of NBCC Greece

Dr Katingo Hadjipateras Giannoulis

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Aspasia Koukoumtzi MSc

Career Counselor

Georgia Mantziara, MSc

Career Counselor

Μaria Kalogera, MSc

Chartered MCIPD, Member of ICG

Maria Gratsia, Msc

Career Counselor

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