Parents Corner
Myths and Truths concerning career planning

 Myth: It’s always better to choose a career for life.

Truth: Changing careers has become very common. The process of career planning is an ongoing process, while many professions that will be offered tomorrow may not exist yet.

Why career planning is so important:

  • Because it is important for our children to know themselves, what their strengths and interests are before entering university, so that they can make the appropriate choice of academic studies aiming at following a career that will make them happy.
  • Because entering university should not be the final goal. First focus on your child’s characteristics: Which ones are important? Then assist your child to set goals for the future.
  • Because a university degree does not equal success. The job market has gone through radical transformations, and children need to know that what used to apply 25 years ago does not apply today. It is important that they have access to information on several options, and we need to help them understand that planning, preparation, skills and the appropriate career match are the elements that lead to success.


Research shows that parents influence their child’s career development more than any other. Therefore, it is important that you have an encouraging approach on your child’s future.



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