“Psychometric Tools”


The reliability, validity, and the proper use of appropriate psychometric tools suggest professionalism of specialist and respect towards the client.

Basic axels:

  • Presentation of valid and reliable psychometric tools and criteria for the selection of appropriate tools
  • Discrimination between questionnaires and tests
  • Check, translation, adaptation and weighting of psychometric tools
  • Use of tools in different populations (target groups) and ways of their application in different workplaces
  • The counselling process (assessment, interpretation, presentation of results, linking results with information)
  • Ethics
  • Presentation and understanding of personality, interests and motivation questionnaires, as well as skill tests
  • Presentation of existing evaluation methods and other psychometric tools in the Greek market
  • Presentation and reliability of tools that can be found in the Internet
  • Administration of questionnaires and tests of SHL company among members of the Group
  • Presentation of results between the members of the Group (peer supervision)
  • Case study: Administration of questionnaires and tests to a person outside the group
  • Presentation of the counseling process in the group. Supervision included
  • Ways of obtaining the license of use of psychometric tools



  • Educational material in printed form
  • Supervision during internships
  • License of use of SHL psychometric tools (under certain conditions)

Number of participants is limited.


It addresses to: Students and graduates of Social Studies, Educators, Counseling and Human Resources professionals, whose desire is to broaden their practicum.

“Assertiveness Training”


This seminar focuses on practical application and not so in theory of assertiveness enhancement, paying special attention to the following:

  • Definition of self-confidence and assertiveness enhancement
  • The relationship between self-esteem and assertiveness enhancement
  • The difference between assertiveness and non-assertiveness
  • Ways to become more assertive
  • One can say ‘ yes ‘ and ‘ no ‘, ‘ should ‘ and ‘ shouldn’t ‘
  • Non-verbal communication and eye contact
  • Assertiveness and contact with the body
  • Ways to handle conflicts in an assertive manner


It addresses to: Students and graduates of Social Studies, Educators, Counseling and Human Resources professionals, whose desire is to broaden their practicum.

 “ NLP as Coaching tool”

Short description:

The NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is well established as an innovative, impressive and promising system in the realm of human behavior and of harnessing the potential of people.  Giving those concerned the opportunity, with specialized and selected techniques depending on the theme study, to obtain greater efficiency in the way they handle situations in the environment in which they move and operate.

Basic axles:

  • Techniques for better understanding of how people think and act, learn, adopt behaviors (what they are doing, how and why) and change.
  • Techniques for developing the level of insight and sensitivity. We learn to “see” details in messages that seemed invisible.
  • Observation techniques and understanding others’ behavior (what forms their opinions, what encourages them to decide to do something, what sparks their interest or what makes them lose), and strengthening communication with them.
  • Ways to develop flexibility of thought. Overcoming resistance, reactions, embarrassment, challenges.  Argumentation, responding to challenges.
  • The questions that impress with the quality of responses and their effectiveness, focus quickly to the substance of information and lead to a creative discussion.
  • Linguistic structures that promote the ability of persuasion, articulation of positions and promotion of messages with flexibility and penetrating elegance and form an even greater comfort in the way of handling situations.

 Aims of the program:

An in-depth study of the NLP techniques customized in a way that includes the particular characteristics of the Greek language and culture, offers the opportunity to those interested:

  • To stand out in their environment for their effectiveness.
  • To gain greater insight and acumen and give solution to their most persistent problems.
  • To use the system in their workplace and gain a competitive advantage, gaining flexibility in handling situations.
  • To create for themselves and others the appropriate framework that steers the achievement of objectives and goals, and ensure financial and professional growth, personal balance and to accelerate the pace of success on issues that they are interested in.

Program conducted by:
Alexandra Efthimiadou, Phd  Licensed NLP Coach & Trainer

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