Our Mission


Our mission is to enable individuals to identify and explore life choices and to empower them to attain their career educational and personal growth through counseling and emotional support respecting their needs and values.


Since 1991

  • We actively monitor and shape developments in the field of career counseling
  • We enrich and develop our services systematically adopting modern scientific trends and methodologies
  • We cooperate with the leading scientific institutions of Europe and America
  • We participate & realize studies and surveys


“Growing & Developing”


In CAREER ASSOCIATES we are interested in advancement and progression. Each of our clients’ aim is our goal too. Success is a tempting word, but for every person, it is a personalized “map”.

Deciphering of this “map” is a personal adventure, a unique journey, which takes as its starting point the self-awareness and as its compass all the appropriate information for the fulfillment of the objectives of each individual.

Our long experience, expertise and knowledge gives each client the feeling of safety.


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