Career planning is an evolutionary process full of challenges that requires patience, perseverance and a careful evaluation of the potential, values, and interests of the client… young people, despite the lack of experience and knowledge, are called to a moment of their lives to make important decisions about their academic and professional career, which will significantly influence their future.


Career Counseling is much more than simple advice and guidelines. It is a dynamic, collaborative process that gives the opportunity to the clients to get actively involved in shaping their career, as well their life in general. It also helps them to realize themselves and, depending on the professional maturity, to transit in a new context, the context of work.

The personalized counseling procedure, which is implemented, is based on a holistic approach model, which aims to raise awareness and aid in the effective management of the various stages of their career in academic and professional level.

Addressing to students and undergraduates, we take into account their particular needs, attitudes, values and their readiness for the decision-making process.


The personalized counseling procedure aims to:

The evaluation of self-awareness and self-esteem

Encouragement of critical thinking and of emotion

Supporting decision-making

Utilization of skills for appropriate educational and professional decisions




  • Exploration of individual characteristics using special weighted psychometric tools (questionnaires & test suitable for each case) for the development of self-awareness
  • In depth interpretation and analysis of the results of questionnaires
  • Outlining the best suited educational and professional areas for the individual
  • Providing a broad and contemporary educational and vocational information for Greece and abroad
  • Designing career and the strategy to achieve educational, professional and personal goals
  • Information and sensitization of parents in career management issues


Career Management counseling is a process that requires patience and persistence. It could discourage or stress you. But if you realize your talents and your goals and properly manage the range of information, you’ll discover the right path for you.


We focus on you, respecting the uniqueness in a safe and supportive environment!

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