• Counselling support
  • Provision of information and direction to authoritative resources
  • Job search techniques (CV writing, techniques for the interview)
  • Career Portfolio (CV, cover letter)

Do you know what job position you want, but you lose opportunities because your resume doesn’t make any impression?

Your job interviews do not result in taking the desired position?

Do you need motivation to get involved and achieve your goals?

If you already know the direction you want and its requirements, but you don’t feel ready to proceed with that, we can help you start the process and stay focused on your goals.

During the career counselling, your current professional status will be assessed and we will assist you in order to set realistic professional goals and design a strategic plan to achieve them.

We can help you reform your CV and present yourself in that position in the labour market that you chose.

Five steps to job search:

  • Labour market analysis: We will analyze the job search methods that one uses and their results in order to identify areas that need improvement. Through this process you will better understand what you expect from the labour market.
  • Evaluation and clarification of your qualifications. Being aware of what you can offer to your future employer is necessary in the job search process. Through exercises you will be “guided” to the most effective presentation of your qualifications to your future employer. It is particularly important to gain communication skills in order to present your achievements.
  • Developing job search plan: you will create an effective strategy to attain your goals. Your plan will reflect the new methods that technology has to offer, as well as methods that have proven effective so far.
  • Review and analysis of the CV, the cover letter and recommendations: The material, with which you promote your career, will be analyzed and assessed, in order to judge if your qualifications are effectively presented.
  • Interview skills: The key to a successful job search effort is the impression that you will create. When you know what the prospective employer looks for, you can get prepared for a successful interview, which may include behavioral methods, causing stress or traditional methods of interview.
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