Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) – Career Consultant

Certified Training Program

In consultation with ΝΒCC – International & CCE

What is the GCDF?

The Global Career Development Facilitator – Career Consultant is an accredited career development facilitation certification that has acquired an international perspective. GCDF credential holders are trained to help people, both individually and in a group setting, make informed decisions when considering their own career development. Through the use of best practices, various assessment tools, and career development models GCDFs equip each individual with the knowledge and skills to embark on their professional journey. GCDF Career Consultants that holds the international certification of GCDF adapt in a dynamic and continually evolving market fource.

                              “Advance your professional journey with the GCDF credential!”

Why you should attend GCDF training?

As a GCDF student, you will receive training through theory, consultation and contemporary interactive training methods (case studies, exercises, role playing etc.) in the following competency areas:

  • Career Development Models
  • Counseling Skills
  • The Assessment Process
  • Diverse Populations
  • Employability Skills
  • New Trends in Labour Market
  • Ethical & Legal issues
  • Career Coaching
  • Consultation

GCDF Training Program is addressed to: Psychologists, Human Resources Managers, Management Consultants, Career Counselors, Life-Coaches, Teachers/Educators and professionals of social sciences and humanities, giving them the “know-how” and skills that maximize the efficiency of their professional practicum and create a new professional framework.

Entry Requirements: In order for someone to attend the GCDF program he/she must hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher in social sciences, humanities or related subjects, as well as 200 supervised experience hours in the career development area or related fields (management, HR, other types of counseling). A short personal interview is also required.


Duration: 160 hours ( 120 hours face to face training & 40 hours of  practicum)

Fees per participant: 1400 euros in 4 installments (discount of 10 % for more than 2 participants from the same Institution.)

Offered by NBCC Greece (Tel.:2106891460 & 2106816850, web:,, email:,  Address: 24 Fleming str, Nea Filothei Amarousiou,)










“Mental Health Facilitator (MHF)”

Brief Training Program


In consultation with the National Board for Certified Counselors-International (NBCC-I) & the World Health Organization (WHO)


Goal of Training

MHF is an intensive training program with the goal of appropriately preparing people to provide a sensitive approach and immediate action to a vast number of situations that create crisis and influence mental health. It is designed to develop skills and to provide not only scientific knowledge, but practical skills as well to the everyday person that is asked to handle specific conditions on a personal and on a collective level. Very important is the understanding of the need for prevention.

MHFs earn certificate of attendance and are included in the International MHF Directory.

Thematic Axes:

  • Understanding and solving of problems and goal setting
  • Understanding of emotions
  • Skills for understanding the behavior of others and empowerment of the communication with them (active listening, appropriate use of questions, reflection, giving constructive feedback)
  • Recognition and exploration of aspects of different mental disorders
  • Skills for coping with stress and distress
  • Decision making process for immediate decision and skills for handling crisis situations
  • Appropriate use of referral to other professionals in the field of mental health (when is judged as needed)


It is addressed to: HRs, Career Consultants, Coaches, Teachers, professionals in the field of Health & Mental Health, to all professionals that work with people and to whoever seeks self-improvement and sensitization in such subject.

Duration: 30 hours

Fees: 300,00 euros paid in 3 installments (individuals)

375,00 euros (companies/institutions). The training program can be funded

           By the National Account for Employment& Job Training (L.A.E.K.)

           (Department of Manpower Employment Organization of Greece (OAED)



Included in the fee is the certificate of attendance, the curriculum and all the obligations towards NBCC-I.

Implementing Body: NBCC Greece (Tel.: +30-2106891460 & +30-2106816850,













Training and Certification Program


 In consultation with  EBCC & CCE


Description: Supervision is an inseparable aspect  of helping professions and is a task that most practitioners are likely to perform at some point in their career (Bernard & Goodyear, 2009) and it is a separate domain of knowledge. Participants to this training and certification program will acquire such knowledge and skills which will support their profession and will be able to improve their work with their clients as supervisors. This Training Program is particularly intensive and takes place in 3 stages:

1st Stage: Pre-training

Two (2) months distance training before the commencement of the In-class Training. All participants will receive educational material and exercises which they have to study and communicate with the trainer by e-mail by sending the assigned exercises. Approximately 35 hours are needed to read the materials and work on assignments. Feedback will be given.

2nd Stage: In-class Training

4-day face to face Training (24 hours): emphasis will be given in the techniques and skills  development

3rd Stage: Post training

During the 2 weeks following the in-class training trainees will apply their supervision knowledge and experience in a case study and will receive feedback from the instructor during a supervision of supervision session through Skype. Approximately 20 hours


Total: approximately 50 hours

Basic areas of competency



To whom the training refers: GCDF’s, MHF’, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers,

To whom the training refers: GCDF’s, MHF’s, Psychologists, Psychiatrics, Social Workers, Sociologists, Teachers, Coaches, and HR’s

Pre-requisites for Certification:

In order to be eligible for certification, participants need to be in one of the following categories:

  1. a) GCDFs, b) Graduate degree (Master’s/Doctorate) in Social Sciences (e.g., Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Sociology, Education, Management) or Graduate level coach and have at least 300 hours of direct contact with clients/students in counseling related settings.


Fees: 3950,00 euros (in 6 installments)


Maria Koutsafti, MSc Career Counselor, 
Director NBCC Greece

 Chougia Angela, ΜΑ Psychologist – Family Therapist
Αssociate Director NBCC Greece


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