It is aimed to adults who are in process of change or redesign of their professional career and are in front of critical vocational decisions or seeking for a job.

Through a modern scientific methodology with the appropriate psychometric tools and personalized counseling, clients can define their priorities, assess the dynamics of the labour market and prepare a new action plan taking into account the present situation.

Providing the proper context of career counseling and information, their career development is enhanced and they choose the appropriate workplace/position according to their culture.



  • Exploration and reassessment of needs and values in accordance with their new reality
  • Exploration of individual characteristics through specialized psychometric tools
  • Identification of career choices, development of strategic planning, advising and encouraging the person to implement his/her goals
  • Exploration of the appropriate workplace in connection with the client’s culture
  • Development of job search techniques (CV writing, effective techniques for the interview)
  • Creation of a Career Portfolio (CV, cover letter)


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