CSP Program applications open – 2016 edition

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The Certified Supervision Professional (CSP) program

The European Board for Certified Counselors (EBCC)announces the 120-hour international training in supervision addressed to helping professionals such as career counselors, coaches, therapists, social workers, and to human resources specialists and managers.This training benefits practitioners involved in supervision activities or interested in developing their portfolios in this direction.

The training is part of the Certified Supervision Professional(CSP) program. It is designed to build skills and knowledge in 12 areas of competency:

Purposes of Supervision |Theoretical frameworks and models of supervision |Types of supervision |Roles and relationships in supervision |Legal and ethical issues in supervision | Multicultural issues in supervision |Supervision interventions |Professional development of supervisees

The CSP program includes three months of distance and face to face training that focuses on:

 Practicing supervision skills and techniques

  • Developing reflectiveness in practice of supervision
  • Understanding theories and research in supervision
  • Gaining awareness of own supervision style


Training dates

The training will take place during:July 01Sept 30

The face to face workshop will be heldAugust 16 – 19, in Portugal*


Obtaining the CSP certification

  1. Have one of the following:
    1. Active certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator
    2. Graduate degree in social sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, human resources)
    3. At least 300 hours of documented practical experience in a helping profession
  2. Participate to the 120-hour supervision training
  3. Submit the supervision portfolio and pass the practical evaluation
  4. Apply for the CSP certification



The cost for the 120-hour program is 3.950,00 EUR.

The certification fee is 70,00 EURO.


Location for the face to face training:

The face to face workshop will be held in Carcavelos, a location on the Atlantic coast, 30 Km from Lisbon, Portugal.


*EBCC will be able to provide information regarding accommodations to international participants.



Elena Amalia Stanciu, PhD,

Dr. Stanciu started practicing as a career specialist in 2002, in a multinational corporation in Romania. She was in the first generation of graduates of the master’s degree in career counseling from Polytechnic University in Bucharest. Since 2006 she continued her studies and practice in the United States, where she obtained a master’s degree in counseling from Wake Forest University and a doctorate in counseling from Syracuse University. She has expertise in: career counseling in school and business settings, clinical mental health counseling, supervision, research and counseling education, and executive coaching.

She obtained the National Certified Counselor (NCC) credential in 2008. She is a Global Career Development Facilitator international master trainersince 2010, a Certified Supervision Professional master trainer since 2011, and an ApprovedClinical Supervisor (ACS)and Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) master trainer since 2012. Additionally, Dr. Stanciu holds memberships in several national and international counseling organizations.

Starting with a complex needs assessment in supervision of career specialists from several European countries, and drawing on her international experience in supervision, Dr. Stanciu has co-developed the Certified Supervision Professional program. First piloted in 2010, the program has been implemented in several countries in Europe.

Dr. Stanciu has international experience in career counseling, mental health and supervision. She serves as the Business Development Director for the National Board of Certified Counselors – International.



 Sylvia  Nassar, PhD

Dr. Nassar is a professor and program coordinator of counselor education at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has been a professional counselor for 30 years, specializing in career, gender, and ethnic identity issues and the acculturation processes of Arab Americans.

She has served in a variety of clinical mental health, school, and college settings. She has published nearly 90 books, articles, and other instructional materials and delivered over 100 conference presentations.

She currently serves on the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development’s Multicultural Counseling Competencies Revision Committee and as Senior Associate Editor for the Journal of Counseling & Development, and has served on the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) 2016 Standards Revision Committee, the North Carolina Board for Licensed Professional Counselors (and as Board Ethics Chair), and the National Board for Certified Counselors.

She consults nationally and internationally on issues of counselor training and credentialing, career development, clinical supervision, program evaluation, and global issues in counseling. Dr. Nassar is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, an Approved Clinical Supervisor, a Mental Health Facilitator – Master Trainer, and a Global Career Development Facilitator– Instructor.

She was named a University Scholar by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International for 2016-17. For more information, visithttps://go.ncsu.edu/sylvia-nassar/.


 Angela Chougia, MA

Mrs Chougia has a practical experience that spans over 25 years. She has worked in her counseling practice with adults, couples, and families. She has been an instructor and a supervisor for counseling practitioners for over 15 years.

Mrs Chougia holds a master degree in Counselling Psychology from University of Keele, United Kingdom. She is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator master trainer in Greece since 2008 and Certified Supervision Professional since 2013. She has a national and a EuroPsy (2016) licensure as a psychologist.

Mrs Chougia had many roles in the field of counseling nationally and internationally. She is founding member of the Greek Association of Counselling, and served as its vice-president. She holds the European Certificate in Counselling. She has been for many years the Director of the Centre of Counselling Training in Greece.

Mrs Chougia is an associate in the non-profit company Vocational Guidance & Educational Consultants –Career Associates and the Associate Director of NBCC Greece.


Applications now open!

Last day to enroll: June 17


Be more. Do more. Empower more. Become a CSP!

Apply at contact@europeanbcc.eu



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